Activity Field / Tax


Consultancy relating to tax and tax law is one of our areas of core expertise.
We advise companies and private individuals by identifying presentations to minimise the tax burden taking into account operational and personal situations, and provide support in the adequate fulfilment of statutory obligations.

We develop solutions for you or your company with regard to:

  • The identification of alternative presentations
  • The interaction of different kinds of tax
  • The recognition and reduction of tax risks

We act as your representatives with respect to the tax office, support you during business audits, and appear on your behalf in the finance courts and in the Supreme Tax Court.

We also resolve tax-related matters concerning:

  • The choice of legal form, founding, conversion and closure of companies
  • Restructuring of medium-sized company groups
  • Legal relationship of shareholders to their companies
  • Purchase and sale of companies and shares
  • Corporate succession, gifting and inheritance

Of course, we will also support you as part of our overall approach in the area of day-to-day tax matters (compilation services) and accountancy:

  • Production of business and private tax declarations
  • Checking of tax assessments
  • Processing of appeals
  • Production of annual financial statements
  • Handling of your financial accounts
  • Handling of your payroll

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